Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ultimate Make-up Kit.....A review

                              This is Victoria's Secret Ultimate Make-up Kit.

On the box it's written "50 Must-haves for eyes, lips and face". So is it true??? Let's take a look at whats inside.

It contains 30 eyeshadows, 5 lipsticks, 5 lipglosses, 4 blushes, a bronzer, transulenct powder, luminous powder, a lip liner pencil, an eye pencil and a mascara. It contains brushes and applicators which most kits do.

My verdict!!!
The packaging is sleek black, compact enough to fit inside your purse. love it!!!
The eyeshadows are silky HONESTLY....The pigmentation is superb....I've seen kits from other brands but VS's kits are always amazing!!!
Gorgeous lipsticks and lipglosses..... highly pigmented and not sticky.
The blushes are gorgeous and there is only one matte and others have a subtle shimmer to it not chunky glitter.
The luminous powder is amazing for highlighting as it has fine shimmers in it.
The eye pencil is well pigmented..I wish it was in a large size. It goes on smooth.
The lip pencil is also good..Not a huge fan of red lip goes on smoothly.
I hate the applicators....The sponge tips don't pack colour on the lids but the lip brushes are handy.
The Mascara is ok....neither lengthens nor volumises the lashes.

Swatches of some eyeshadows...The flash is washing off the pigmentation.

The claiming of being must-haves is true! The eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, blushes and bronzer are amazing. A must-have INDEED!!!

I will recommend you get this kit for yourself or for your girlfriends. Whomsoever you wish to give. Check out for the pricing and other information.

Take great care.


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