Sunday, July 24, 2011

EOTD: I got good jeans?!?

I got this trio from Wet n Wild and was thinking of doing some makeup look plus test out the intensity of these eyeshadows. I like the combination of blue and gold. The eyeshadows are quite pigmented . Blending turned out hard. So hope you like the look. =D

                                       Photo taken from


Let me know what you think.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: e.l.f Essential Signature.

e.l.f Essential signature ($ 8) is a sleek case great to put essential makeup and has another portion for putting essential brushes.Available in 3 colours i.e. black, burgundy and bronze. Great for travelling. I have with me in black.

According to the website:
This bag is great for purse or travel. This double-zippered bag gets you organized fast. One side has slots for brushes plus a handy mesh pouch, while the other side fits all your essentials. A staple item for any makeup guru.

Here are a couple of pictures for you to get the idea.


- Sleek looking


So it's my current travel bag. Or you can just store some of your makeup stuff in it. A must have!!!

Let me know what you think. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: e.l.f Shimmer eyeliner pencils

e.l.f Essential Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil ($ 1/ Rs.170) is a shimmering metallic eye pencil that glides on smoothly and is available in 9 different shades. Perfect for the eyes this summer. I have with me only 5 shades. Planning on trying the rest.

According to the website:
Instantly brighten eyes with e.l.f.’s shimmering metallic liners that put the spotlight on eyes. The smooth formulation glides on effortlessly without tugging at the delicate eye area. Choose from an assortment of 9 delicious and essential shades designed to add depth, definition and a special sparkle to create a very glamorous look! Pencil includes a convenient sharpener cap for easy use! 

Here are the swatches.
 From left to right:Plum passion,Gunmetal,Boldly bronzed,Twinkle Teal,Black bandit.

My Thoughts:

The Cons:

-Out of them twinkle teal is the least pigmented. I had to swatch it couple of times to get the intensity.
-The colours are good but they don't last long.
-They smudge easily.

The Pros:

-They look great when used alone or with some eyeshadow.
- Inexpensive.
- Nine gorgeous colours.
- The sharpener works.
-They glide on smoothly and you don't need to tug the eye area.

Although they don't last long but if you put similar colour eyeshadow over it then they do stay for quite a while. 

Why I buy them again?

Yess!!! I will because they are inenxpensive and pretty colours too.

Do let me know what you all think?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Skincare Routine

Hola Bonitas!!!

Summer is just here and it's time for popsicles and ice creams and cool drinks and picnics...yayy!!!
To enjoy all these you have to take care of yourself and your skin. So here is my routine for summer.since, i'm on holidays and have no stress, I tend to take extra care for my skin. So here are the things i use on daily and on weekly basis.

1.Cosméceutique Natural FaceWash (Rs.280): I wash my face 2-3 times throughout the day with this face wash. It's great for all skin types.

2. Loreal Hydrafresh Gel (Rs.500): This is my summer bestie. This gel moisturises my skin and leaves it non-oily looking. Love it!!!

3. Cosméceutique Under Eye Gel (Rs.450) : I'm trying this out. It's been a couple of weeks and i see that my under eye area feels hydrated. It's water based so my eye area doesn't feel oily. I can see my under eye less darker than before or is it just that it's summer and i'm sleeping alot. haha

4. Cosméceutique Natural Sunscreen (Rs.390) : This sunscreen is amazing!!! It's water based and when applied to skin, the skin feels moisturised and not icky, oily feel that some common sunscreens do. Always in my purse now.

5. Soft lips lip protectant/ balm ($2): It's sort of a sun screen for your lips. It has spf of 20 so yay for the lips in summer. My advice is to get hold of any balm that offers spf in it. 

6. Freeman's Facial Detoxifying Mask (Rs. 270) : I just got this randomnly cause of my mom scolding me at the back!! Darn this thing smells yum!!! It's chocolate and strawberry detoxifying mask and by detoxifying means removing of harmful substaces from your body. So, i've tried it and mom too and it's amazing!!! My friend was like "your skin looks fresh". So nothing to say more.

7. Beauty Formula's Deep cleansing Nose Pore strips (Rs. 150-ish) : Well they work fine. They or any nose pore strips should be a must to get that gunk of the nose.

So, That wraps up my skin care routine for summer. Mind you i have combination skin. This is my honest 100% review. Do let me know what you use for yourselves. I would love to try something new!

Take great care.