Friday, November 5, 2010

Current Product...

Well this post is on my current product meaning what i'm currently using. That is Maybelline Dream matte mousse.

I'm sure you might have read tonns of posts or seen videos out there. I'm just telling you about my experience with it. This is my first foundation i ever bought. When i saw the advertisement on TV, I was like " Man!!! I wanna get that!". Back then i didn't know it was all editing and stuff. So I saved some money and then rushed to a supermarket ( FYI Naheed supermaket)

Before Blending

After Blending. Excuse the cast as my hand was dry.But i'm sure you get the idea.

So here are my thoughts on it!!
Pros: Smooth, blendable, mediun to full coverage, affordable. Can be used as a concealer.

I spray my synthetic foundation brush with rose water....Yess Rose water!!! And it glides on like cream on bread. haha

Cons: It turned crumbly =(

 Mine was like that when i bought it but i've seen others having it just like a mousse. Oh well i guess better luck next time.

Price Tag: Rs. 750( i guess)

So what's your current foundation?? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Take great care.


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